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About us

Private Investigators

A Full-Service Investigative and Security Company

Located in the Rockland County area of New York, Goldrick and Desmond Investigative Associates is a full-service private investigation agency offering a wide-range of professional, confidential services to attorneys, corporations, insurance companies, municipalities and private individuals throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond. We provide professional, results-oriented service and support to our clients with discretion. We report our findings in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our services are divided into four main categories:

• Private Investigations 
• Security and protection 
• Surveillance 
• Background screening

Furthermore, we also offer our services nationwide through a strategic alliance of private investigation and security companies with whom we have established relationships. We specialize in surveillance, background screening, investigative research, insurance defense, matrimonial and child custody cases.
We have helped hundreds of clients just like you. We sincerely want to help you solve your problem. Every client has a different challenge or issue that requires choosing a licensed private investigator. You should look for a licensed private investigator that provides integrity, ingenuity and results. We provide a sense of comfort, compassion, and understanding to your situation. A good and honest rapport between you and the investigator is necessary to provide the results you seek. Assignments can get complex and that’s when our ingenuity and creativity is tested. We will determine which investigative skills and techniques are required to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Our experienced professionals have demonstrated their integrity and will use every legal method necessary to obtain the facts you desire.

Our services

Private Investigators

Private Investigators

We understand your goals. We deliver maximum results. The experienced, licensed investigators of Goldrick and Desmond Investigative Associates provide an extensive array of professional investigations and related services throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley area. We are a proven source for attorneys, corporations, insurance companies, municipalities and individuals. Our investigative services are provided by experienced former law enforcement professionals who demonstrate the highest degree of integrity and the essential ingenuity necessary to achieve maximum results. Whatever your case requires, Goldrick and Desmond Investigative Associates ensures total confidentiality as we investigate to provide solutions customized to meet your specific requirements, time-frame and budget.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
• Video Surveillance Operations
• Background Screening
• Marital & Child Custody
• Criminal Defense – Assault, Homicide, Larceny, Sex crimes
• Workers Compensation
• Sexual Harassment Litigation Support
• Shrinkage and Inventory Loss
• Missing Persons Locates
• Addresses and phone numbers search
• Witness location and statements
• Asset location
• Information verification
• Insurance fraud investigations
• Personal injury/Accident investigations
• Public record recovery
• Skip traces
• Trial preparation
• Bug (listening device) detection and removal
• Asset searches of bank accounts

Security and Protection

Security & Protection

Goldrick and Desmond Investigative Associates offers a full range of personal and professional security and consulting services throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley area. Our security professionals are highly trained and experienced in all areas of security, especially personal protection, executive protection, special event functions and workplace issues or concerns. Whatever your security concern, you can be assured that Goldrick and Desmond Investigative Associates security professionals are skilled former law enforcement professionals that will meet your needs and expectations. We provide solutions customized to meet your specific requirements, time-frame and budget. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: 
• Executive Protection 
• Workplace Violence Security 
• Commodity Transport Security 
• Staff Reduction Security 
• Employee Termination Security 
• Business Closing Security



Our male and female surveillance investigators are highly trained in the art of covert surveillance. We utilize high-tech video and communication equipment in discreet vehicles. There are a wide variety of reasons to request surveillance. Typically, these services are deployed in the following types of cases: 
• Insurance Investigations 
• Infidelity and Child Custody Cases 
• Corporate, Municipal Investigations and Intelligence 
• Employee Theft 

We are results driven. Goldrick and Desmond Investigative Associates has conducted thousands of surveillances and you can count on us to go the extra mile to ensure your case is rock solid. We provide surveillance for domestic matters, character evaluations, insurance claims, and activity documentation. Our clients include nationally recognized law firms, insurance companies, corporations, global investigative agencies and private individuals who need timely and accurate video documentation. No surveillance is complete until an agreed upon comprehensive report is generated, written by an investigator who has courtroom experience.

Background Screening Background Check

Background Screening

Our background screening experts are former law enforcement professionals thoroughly trained and experienced in researching, securing and verifying confidential information. We can access an extensive range of information sources to help ensure that you know everything you need to know about your potential hires. We offer a full range of screening services, and can customize a screening package to meet your specific needs and budget. 
Our services include, but are not limited to: 
• Criminal record searches 
• Inmate search 
• Sex offender registry searches 
• Social Security verification 
• Past employment verification 
• Reference verification 
• Professional license verification 
• Education verification 
• Credit report checks 
• Bankruptcies, liens and judgments 
• DMV reports 
• Previous address traces 
• Terrorist list and Patriot Act searches 
• Additional screening services include asset searches of bank accounts and background search for social media and dating sites

Advanced Technology

The use of technology has permeated our day-to-day lives. People produce vast amounts of information on personal computers, cellphones and the internet. It takes skilled investigators to recover, analyze and document electronic information from a variety of sources to support a criminal, civil or personal matter. Goldrick and Desmond Investigators are trained in the art of forensically examining laptops, network servers and mobile phones to provide the client with the information that they are seeking.

Electronic Sweeps and Countermeasures
Goldrick and Desmond Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug-sweeping or electronic countermeasures can locate a covert or hidden listening device that typically contains a radio transmitter and microphone on phone or computer lines.



The way Goldrick & Desmond handled my case by far exceeded my expectations.  They were professional, worked fast, and were great at communicating with me.  Not to mention the price was appropriate.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who asks!!

– M.C.

I was referred by my good friend. Janice was very helpful and reachable even by cell phone. Thanks for your help!

– P.B.

Janice was great! She kept me informed and was very attentive and supporting. I would definitely use Goldrick and Desmond again!

– M.K.

I contacted Goldrick and Desmond from Florida to look into the background of my daughter's new husband. Her mother and I have been concerned that he is not who he says he is. Janice was very helpful and put our minds at ease.

– J.L.

I have had the unpleasant experience of crossing paths with several people in the court system due to my son's nasty divorce, our system doesn't judge on the facts, lies are never investigated or demands made for proof to back them up, children are often left with all the pain and hurt in the after effects. You are the only one in 3 years that I have met that I can truly say is dedicated to doing the "right" thing , you are kind and considerate which is seriously lacking out there.

– D.B.

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